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Chrisohoou Estate (Greece)
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The "ESTATE CHRISOCHOOU" is built in absolute traditional style combining the tradition of wine with the one that hides the town of “Naoussa” and the family.
Making a small tour in the spaces of wine factory we meet the room of production and bottling of produced wines. Spaces constituted from stainless tanks and modern machineries of bottling, checked from temperature and humidity in order to maintain, as much as possible better, the conditions of fermentation and production of wine.
Continuing we meet a specifically shaped tasting wine room where the visitor and friend of the Estate have the possibility of tasting the wines that produces the family Chrisohoou and selecting that of his satisfaction. Particular importance has the collection of family from objects of wine as decanters, corkscrews, glasses, ecc.
One of the spaces of wine factory is the museum that contents various viticultural objects (wooden wine-presses of 1900, panniers of transport of grapes at the vintage, tools that they was used for the work in the vine, ecc.) as well as enologist (old demijohns, jugs of transport of wine, bottling machine, cork machine, labelling machine, ecc.).
In a closed and shortly illuminated space maintained bottles of wine that were produced from 1960 and then. They constitute the heirloom of winery.
From the installations of wine factory it couldn¬Ęt be absent the "CELLAR". A brand-new area that combines perfectly the magic of stone and wood.

The controlled of temperature and humidity, the quietness and the appropriate lighting that dominates the area, offer the ideal ambient in the maturation and aging of wines that is contained. whether in the French oak barriques (capacity of 225 litres) for as long as necessary or in the bottles placed in horizontal position in the arches that embraces the space.
Finishing the tour we meet the "ROOM of PROJECTION and PROMOTION of WINE". The absolute combination of stone with the wood externalise the warm and friendly familiar ambient that dominates in the Estate. Is decorated with elements of earth, particular tables and objects that they transport in the passion and the desire of art that is called "WINE" and is specifically shaped for tasting and promotion of the produced wines waiting the visitor for entered him to the science of wine.
Estate Chrisohoou, 59200 Naoussa, Greece, Phone +(30).23320.4508 0, Fax +(30).23320.4508 1














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