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Diamantakos Domaine is situated in the Naoussa V.Q.P.R.D. zone, close to the city of Naoussa in the Northern part of Greece. The profile of the company is structured in a family basis and the wines produced are the result of the love we nourish for the wine and vine. This is now the third generation occupied with processing vine products and we are coming into the second decade of bottling our wines.

The principal goal of our Domaine remains to combine the yearning, caring and passion for the production of quality wines, with the experience, the knowledge and the knowhow we have accumulated through many cultivating periods.

The history that accompanies our hometown, Naoussa, with vine cultivation, creates major responsibilities and demands to the people that are occupied with it today. In addition, it offers a rich inheritance of knowledge, which we are required to exploit in order to offer excellent wines to the final consumer.

The vineyard is situated in the foot of Mt. Vermion in the region of Central Macedonia, Greece and has an extension of 40 acres. The varieties for cultivation are “xinomavro” and “prekniariko”. The surface distribution is 30 acres of “xinomavro” and 10 acres of “prekniariko”. The vineyard is exposed to the east, the mechanical compound of the soil is medium with a soft stone texture and it lies in an altitude of 300 metres.

The subjects used for plantation are B41 and R110 whereas the pH of the soil is slightly alkaline. The majority of works in the vineyard are executed manually, a process that eliminates the danger of harming the plant and eventually the grape.

“Xinomavro” variety is considered not unjustly to be the king of wines in the Naoussa region. It is a red variety and it is characteristic for its polyphenolic dynamic as well as for the possibility to give red wines of deep maturation. The town of Naoussa bears the honourable title “Town of Wine and Vine”, the only one in Greece and this is mostly due to “xinomavro” variety.

“Prekniariko” is a white local variety in the zone. It gives intense aromatic wines of small to medium acidity and of high alcoholic title. It is bottled as a single variety in the Domaine because its characteristics are special.

The winery of the Domaine lies in the centre of the vineyard. It is fully equipped with state of the art technology for the processing of wine making. The works, from vintage to bottling, are exclusively executed at the winery. There are inox tanks for vinification, an underground wine cellar with oaktree barrels along with a storage room for the bottles, a distillatory for the processing of secondary products as well as a fully equipped winelaboratory.

Diamantakos family is one of the first that systematically engaged in the distillation of “xinomavro” variety, preserving and spreading simultaneously the precious tradition of the area. wine pleasure!
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Mantemi , Naoussa Imathia 59200

Phone: +30 23320 28623
Fax: +30 23320 26693















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