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Domaine Gerovassiliou (Greece)
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Domaine Gerovassiliou

Domaine Gerovassiliou is the brainchild of Vangelis Gerovassiliou. In 1981, he started reviving the family vineyard that spreads over 2,5 hectares at Papamola region in Epanomi, 25km approx. to the south-east of the city of Thessaloniki. In this unique ecosystem, he planted mainly Greek, but also foreign grape varieties. The first vinification took place in 1986 at the modern winery that was built in the vineyard. All Domaine wines are produced from grapes cultivated in the private vineyard now stretching over 56 hectares.


At Domaine Gerovassiliou, the vineyard is cultivated with great care and enthusiasm that leads Gerovassiliou to constantly researching and experimenting with Greek and foreign varieties, both well and less known ones. New technological advances blend well with tradition throughout vine growing and vinification processes. The aim is to produce high quality wines from grapes cultivated exclusively in privately-owned vineyard; wines that carry all distinct characteristics of the specific microclimate (terroir) in Epanomi.

The creation of the Wine Museum itself in combination with the various activities organized -visits, wine tastings, educational programs, seminars, publications- contribute to the diffusion of wine-growing culture.

Gerovassiliou Wine Museum

Parallel to his interest in quality wine making, Vangelis Gerovassiliou's other aspiration is to enhance the wine-growing tradition: in 1976, he started collecting viticulture, winemaking, bottling and cooperage tools from around the world. Worth noting is the collection of corkscrews, which he started in 1980s and counts more than 2600 exhibits, rendering Vangelis Gerovassiliou one of the greatest collectors of corkscrews in the world. The collection includes rare and unique pieces dating back to the 18th century, true symbols of the technological advances, high aesthetics and social structures of the era.

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Epanomi 57 500, Thessaloniki, Greece
T +30 2392 044 567 F +30 2392 044 560















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