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Domaine Katsaros (Greece)
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Domaine Katsaros is a small family owned property located in the small village of Krania (700 m) on the eastern face of Mt. Olympus, the highest mountain of Gods, in Greece.

In 1978, the EarNoseThroat surgeon Dr. Dimitris Katsaros, decided to plant some vines due to his passion and desire for good wine. He found the cultivation and growth of typical French varieties in Greek soil very challenging, a fact that motivated him to be a perfectionist wine maker.

The estate commands view of the Pinios River delta and climatic conditions are near perfect- breezy summer days and cool nights.

The produced wines are two, one red (Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot) and one white produced from Chardonnay, both with many awards in international and very well respected wine competitions. The activities include biological farming and minimal intervention in the cellar.

The production numbers are being kept low due to a conscious choice of the Katsaros family. The small family company remains consistent with the philosophy of making wine of great quality in a small quantity.

For some years now, a 20% of the annual production is exported in the international market of USA, Canada, Belgium and Germany. However, the demands of the Greek consumer and the pressure of consumption inside the limits of Greece make the family of the winemakers skeptical about the increase of the percentage of the production that should be channeled to the foreign market. In any case, the strategic decisions of the Katsaros family will always take into consideration the maintenance of high quality standards that have already been set for their products.

Domaine Katsaros
Krania Olympus, 6 Panagouli str, 412 22 Larisa
T: 2410 536811, 6944773314 | F: 2410 536811
Contact Person: Euripidis Katsaros














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