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Nemeion Estate (Greece)
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In 1905 grandfather Giorgos Vassiliou, born and bred in the Messogia area of Attica, planted estate vineyards to produce wine. His son, Panagiotis Vassiliou, the second generation producer, continued in his father's footsteps.

After completing his studies in the University of Dijon, France, his grandson, Giorgos Vassiliou, took over the family business and established Domaine Vassiliou winery at Koropi, Attiki. The winery' s aim is to produce branded, fine wines by combining the family's century of experience and passion with European technology.

His constant search for indigenous varieties brought Giorgos Vassiliou to Nemea, an Appellation of Superior Quality Zone, and arguably the most important viticultural region in Greece. The Nemeion Estate winery, named after the ancient Nemea, is a true work of art founded by Giorgos Vassiliou in 2003 with the aim of creating fine wines. It is the only winery in Greece where everything works by force of gravity.

Nemeion Estate vineyards are located in the broader Nemea viticultural zone where the best quality grapes are produced: 2 hectares in Koutsi, 3,5 hectares in Petri and 6 hectares in Asprokambos.

They are exclusively organically farmed, certified by DEO, and they are located in an altitude of 420 – 650 m a.s.l., in a slope of 4 to 10% and density 600 – 700 plants per decare. They are planted with the best clones of Agiorgitiko variety of 20-25 years old.

The vineyards are harvested about ten days late every year, after the 10th of September. The grapes are picked by hand and are transported to the winery in small containers where they are placed in an inox film, 10 m long.

The Nemeion Estate Winery, where guided tours and wine tastings take place, is a true work of art: Minimal but impressive it extends in 5 levels, with no windows. Two atriums allow the natural light to reach the underground cellar of the winery. In the basement besides the production area there is the reception as well as a wine museum painstakingly created by the estate owner Giorgos Vassiliou.

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Nemea, Karfoxilia, 20500 Nemea - Greece Tel. +30 27460 20700 / Fax +30 27460 20701














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