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Simple Math Cellars (U.S-California)
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Simple Math is about having more fun in life and re-exploring the notion of wine quality. I've swum across oceans of wine and have come to some conclusions. The first rule is this: A great glass of wine is not a mouthful of technical data. It's about the easy stuff like: Is it well made? Is it priced correctly? It's simple. Do the math.

I want to see your expression when you taste these wines, and I'd rather not bore both of us explaining the numbers and science. That's hot air, and as a consumer, it's what to this day causes me to beat tracks out of the barrel room. Probably you too. So I decided to try something more fun.

I believe that to make great wine, one has to really get into the mix - get great fruit, time things right and be accommodating. With prudence and street smarts, the wines can be surprisingly affordable. Simple Math Cellars embraces sustainable practices in both farming and business. Every grape is the right one, and every member of the team has a specialized, incredible resume.

It's an honor to share these wines with you. I hope you enjoy what we've come up with, even if it seems a little scarce. If you want the wine data, check out the notes and you'll realize that we're serious about quality. Then, compare apples to apples with the wines you already know and you come out the winner. Simple math, really.

Christian Lane, Vintner
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Christian Lane
Vintner, Simple Math Cellars
office: 7982 Creekside Dr. Windsor, CA 95492
tel 707.228.0492
fax 707.837.2945
Twitter: @simplemathwines
Facebook: SimpleMathCellars
LinkedIn: simplemathcellars
















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