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Semeli Winery (Greece)
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Semeli was founded in 1979 with the aim of producing high quality wines. Initial investments were aimed at creating a model vineyard with select varieties and cutting edge wine cultivating methods for the time. The company's wines soon gained dedicated supporters who became knowledgeable wine lovers.

Today, emphasis focuses on international trends and efforts systematically focus on the relationship between good quality and price, while the company upholds firm values for its people and top raw materials.

The Domaine Helios winery

Domaine Helios is located in the spectacular wine region of Koutsi, Nemea. The winery is situated on the edge of a hill overlooking the vineyards of Nemea, the largest red wine producing region in Greece. The winery's impressive size, modern design and architecture are quite impressive. On an aesthetic, ergonomics and functional level Domaine Helios is one of the most important undertakings in the Greece's wine world. Strict cultivation specifications, a passion for the vineyard and care in grape selection combined with technology and state-of-the art equipment at the winery result in the production of exceptional wines. The premises are available for wine tastings, receptions, exhibitions and dinners with prior notice.


Domaine Helios winery and the private vineyards are located in the heart of Argolis, the land with rich history of kings and heroes. Taking the road toward Tripoli, follow the signs to Nemea and before you reach the town center there are signs leading to the winery.

Wine tourism –Guest Suites

At the Domaine Helios winery the experience of coming into contact with the wine and its people becomes intoxicating. The scenery combines tastes and aromas and the hand of nature meets with the hand of the cultivator. A walk through the vineyards is enough to make someone feel harmony and a natural balance. One visit to the winery is ideal for wine lovers and nature lovers alike to get a feel for wine creation. And a unique opportunity to escape or even stay at the winery's guest accommodations which offer eight inviting and smartly decorated guest suites. Each suite is decorated differently and can accommodate two to five guests. The winery also has a restaurant that serves local dishes to compliment the Domaine Helios wines.

The winery and the guest suites can serve as a base for trips to the region¬Ęs numerous archaeological sites along with other cultural and tourist attractions.

Contact details:

Address: 1 Semeli Str.
Stamata Attica
145 75 Greece

Telephone: 210 6218119, 210 6216811
Fax: 210 6218218














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