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Tinto Pesquera (Spain)
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More than a working philosophy, the four wineries that form the wine heritage of Alejandro Fernández –the Pesquera Corporation– share the same story of love for the viniculture that time helped to perfect. The bonds with its home land are clearly expressed in the symbol of the group: the image of the Arch and the Tower of Pesquera de Duero, typical of its flagships, the 'Tinto Pesquera'.

Through thirty years of history, always under the baton of Alejandro Fernández, the Group has achieved the status of an international reference, a model of know-how to be followed in all wine regions all over the world.

Following the natural evolution, the wineries multiplied, and in the same way multiplied the challenges for the Group, making an art of the process of turning the 'Tempranillo' into original wines, with their own style and character.

The company, born in 1975 in Pesquera de Duero –which, on that time, was no more than just another village in Castilla ¡La Vieja¢– has become nowadays a synonym of high quality wines all over the world, after the complete path of success laid by of all the wines made by the Group.

To the first winery –Pesquera, in the riverside of the Duero– another three have joined in. 'Condado de Haza', in Roa (Burgos), with an impressive set of plain, sober, Castilla buildings, surrounded by vineyards planted by Alejandro Fernández himself, adjusting the French 'château' style to the lands of the Spanish 'Meseta Norte'.

For the winery in 'La Mancha' (in Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real), it was chosen the name of the ancient winery that Alejandro's parents used to own: 'El Vínculo' ('The Bond'), meaning, at the same time, a tribute and the next step of the wine tradition of the Fernández.

'Dehesa La Granja', the fourth winery, is a dream come true to anyone who loves the countryside. It used to be a cattle farm –with 3000 square meters of wine cellars dug in the rock during the 18th century– and has 200 hectares of the Tempranillo that Alejandro Fernández uses to create some of his most personal wines.

Group of wineries Alejandro Fernández-Tinto Pesquera: a Family of Wines, the Wines of a Family.

Address: Calle Real, 2
47315 Pesquera de Duero (Valladolid) España
Tel.: +34 983 87 00 37
Fax: +34 983 87 00 88
GPS: N 41.64242º W 04.15269º














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